Dementia caregiving

Are you acting as the sole caregiver to someone with Dementia? If the answer is yes, you are already familiar with the overwhelming nature of the situation, especially due to cognitive and behavioral changes that may suddenly occur.

It may be difficult to personally provide the level of support for a person with Dementia without a professional caregiver’s help.

If you need assistance caring for a person with Dementia, Trusted Touch Healthcare is here for you. We specialize in helping patients dealing with various chronic conditions, including Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

As professional caregivers, we know how to overcome the various challenges dementia may bring. By working with home health services, you can rest assured your family member is in control.

What are the benefits of dementia care?

If your loved one has Dementia, you should seek the assistance of experienced in-home nurses who offer various care options. Dementia patients often need ongoing support, and our professional caregivers will ensure they receive the best possible care.

Some of the benefits of hiring in-home memory care services include:

One-on-one support

The primary benefit of hiring someone specializing in cognitive care is that your loved one will receive personalized, one-on-one attention from an experienced caregiver.

With the in-home private duty nursing your loved one will be well taken care of, helping to prevent falls and avoid wandering, monitoring and adjustment of medication dosages, and assisting with various activities of daily living such as bathing and eating.

Companionship and togetherness

Personal care services offer much-needed companionship to those suffering from different forms of dementia. Not only will our caregivers be by your family member’s side physically, but they will also provide the necessary emotional support that is needed when caring for someone.

The elderly can often feel alone and depressed. However, our in-home nurses maintain personal communication, making your loved one less likely to feel lonely.

Familiar environment

If you opt for private caregiving, your loved one will only benefit from this decision. Staying in familiar surroundings helps calm behavior and reduce confusion, stress, and mental anguish. This can also have a positive impact on memory maintenance.

Staying at home helps reduce memory loss and improve cognitive behavior. Being surrounded by photos, pets, and familiar smells or listening to their favorite music is known to help people with Dementia.


Caregiving experts with years of training and experience in providing care during all stages of Dementia understand the challenges a patient with dementia faces. Our direct care staff knows how to help the person in the best way possible while ensuring health and independence at the same time. We service all of Montgomery County from our Rockville location, while patients in Northern Virginia will work directly with our staff in Fairfax.

Cost of memory care

When looking for in-home memory care for your loved one, you should consider the costs. At Trusted Touch Healthcare, we are transparent with prospective clients so that they know what to expect from us.

The average cost of memory care depends on several factors. Since all situations are unique, our professional staff seeks to provide compassionate in-home care services depending on your needs.

Below are some factors that’ll determine the cost of care:

  • Level of care you need
  • Frequency of care needed
  • Level of specialization

We can calculate the exact memory care costs after an assessment where we the factors listed and explain how we can help you and your family or primary caregiver.  

Ways to pay for in-home memory care

Some resources you can use to finance nursing home care include:

  • Long-term care insurance – depending on the details of your policy, long-term insurance can be used to pay for memory care services. It’s recommended to sign up early for the policy since the coverage might be denied if you already need long-term care.
  • Reverse mortgages – home homeowners can use reverse mortgages to take a loan as an advance from the eventual sale of their home. This can be a great way of funding memory care needs in the short term. However, the loan will have to be repaid after the sale. The common type of reverse mortgage for the elderly is Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, which the federal government insures.
  • Veteran benefits – veterans and their spouses benefit from several programs designed to cover their healthcare needs, including their stay in an assisted living facility.
  • Life insurance – several life insurance policies allow people to cash out before they qualify for death. But before you access it, think of the downsides it might come with.

Dementia home health care agencies

Caring for people with chronic conditions can be challenging, and you may not always be able to provide the level of personal care needed. In these situations, we are here to help you. At Trusted Touch, we focus on treating each of our patients with compassion and dignity.

Why opt Trusted Touch Healthcare?

Our goal is to match each person with the perfect caregiver for their needs and lifestyle while providing personal assistance services tailored to meet the needs and safety of each patient.

It doesn’t matter if you require short-term or long-term care; if you need someone to help you now or in the future, let’s talk. Even if your loved one is in advanced stage dementia and needs round-the-clock physical care, we can help improve their quality of life.

At Trusted Touch Healthcare, we offer various healthcare services regarding numerous aspects of daily life. We can help improve your loved one’s health and life quality by managing medications and administration, meal planning and preparation, medical care, wound care, light housekeeping tasks, transportation, health monitoring, and organizing appointments.

Certified and registered nurse

Our team of caregivers are certified CNAs overseen by a registered nurse. They have a deep understanding of chronic disease disorders and will emphasize meaningful activities that help reduce the progression rate of symptoms. These activities can positively impact the patient’s memory, and they include knitting, painting, pottery, or simple activities that help keep the mind active.

Maintain some level of independence

Our caregivers also provide support while maintaining a level of independence for loved ones in the advanced stages of the disease and following their daily activities such as eating and bathing. Routine maintenance helps reduce a patient’s anxiety and confusion, preventing them from becoming distracted.

Dementia services

If you or a family member is caring for a person with this condition, and need experts who specialize in chronic conditions, Trusted Touch Healthcare is ready to help you create a nursing care plan.

Our goal is to provide the best possible residential care to people with Dementia. Our programs are personalized to meet each person’s unique requirements while allowing them to still live independently. Feel free to contact us today to discuss the needs of your loved one or to schedule a free consultation.

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