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In an increasingly aging society, elderly care is gaining importance in social conversation. Families struggle with making choices for their loved ones entering old age, especially if they exhibit signs of dementia.

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The Alzheimer’s Association reports that Maryland is the host to approximately 110,000 people aged 65 and older, currently living with Alzheimer’s.

For many in the Bethesda area, residential care is the “go-to” when thinking about a family member who might be suffering from advancing Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

There are numerous benefits to in-home care. The team at Trusted Touch Healthcare has put together the following list of benefits from which dementia patients can benefit from in-home care providers.

Home is a safe and serene environment

One of the paramount considerations when caring for people with dementia is that they need a safe, stable, and familiar environment in which to live. Being at home while they receive treatment is a great method of achieving this. Residential care allows your loved one not to have to go through a sudden and total change in surroundings, creating confusion, agitation, and distress.

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Having one’s own home provides sufferers of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia independence that residential care would take away. At home, patients can manage their own time, choose what they want to do, and when. Within residential care, such things are often timetabled or regulated to a level that would strip away that autonomy.

Life can go on normally

In their familiar environment, and with their independence intact, dementia patients receiving assistance from an in-home care provider can retain much of their preferred routine. Controlling their own routines is an extension of the serenity and comfort that people feel when they are allowed to remain in the familiar surroundings of home. Losing control of that routine can be counterproductive to a patient’s care.

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The term “care” invokes images of hospitals, nurses, doctors with clipboards, beeping machinery, and more. For dementia patients, it’s not quite so simple. While they may require more intensive care in the later stages of the disorder, at other times, what they need most is companionship, assistance with activities of daily living, and simply another human being with whom they can engage and connect.

Residential care doesn’t always serve this purpose, and an in-home care solution is more desirable for all parties.

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If you have a family member or loved one with dementia, it can be a constant source of worry when you think of them either alone or with limited contact with others. There might be a neighbor who watches out for them or another family member who makes visits. Such care is valuable but lacks an aspect of professional training of home health care that causes further worry.

A properly trained Live-in caregiver can do more than keep your loved one company and assist in activities of daily life. They can be on-hand for matters of safety like falling or wandering.

The proper supervision from such a caregiver brings priceless peace of mind and provides the protection that the patient needs while retaining their dignity at home.

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Instant communication and remote monitoring means home care is increasingly the most viable and ideal solution for dementia patients. Caring for people with dementia means we need effective methods that allow for patients to retain as much independence and dignity as possible.

In-home care located in Rockville from Trusted Touch Healthcare is an excellent channel through which to pursue these goals.

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If you’re in Bethesda, MD or the surrounding area, and you’re in need of trusted, experienced, and effective in-home caregivers, get in touch with the team at Trusted Touch Healthcare to learn more.

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