What is the village movement?

Two generations ago, people knew their neighbors and families lived closer to each other. But times have changed, and with the cultural and economic shifts, local communities have lost their neighborliness. This has left a big societal gap, and people must be more intentional to get it back. One of the solutions to this is … Read more

Short-term care after hip replacement surgery

Recovering from hip replacement surgery at your home requires all the help you can get to speed up your recovery time. If you or someone you know is living alone, you may need to employ a professional to provide short-term care. Short-term care after hip replacement surgery involves temporary nursing and non-medical support services. The … Read more

How to care for someone with parkinson’s

You’ve just learned that your loved one has Parkinson’s disease, and you’re freaking out. You’ve only heard about Parkinson’s disease from movies and books, but it was all abstract until now. How do you take care of someone with Parkinson’s disease? Are you strong enough to handle the change? As the primary caregiver, how do … Read more